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JIU Sport Day

On Februari 8, 2019, the students of JIU held a sports day to make them healthier. This time the sport day was held by the students themselves. The purpose is to maintain intimacy and togetherness between students and lecturers. JIU students took all part of committees, logistic, etc. Also, they were seperated into 2 groups, […]

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Culture Day

On 15th January 2019, all the students of JIU had Culture Day that held in K-eduplex Hallroom. This event was participated 3 countries which were USA, Japan and South Korea. The purpose of this event to introduce the students about the international culture. So the students will be open minded of the pluralism of culture […]

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Seminar on business and marketing

    JIU students attended a seminar titled “Marketing paradigm and customer relationship management (CRM) & Entrepreneurship and business model planning” which were delivered directly by lecturers and assistants to Shanghai Jiao Tong University professor, Shanghai (SJTU), Sunghan Ryu PhD. On the first day students learned about the techniques and definitions of marketing, and how […]