About Department

Department of Information Systems (IS) aims to excel in the design, implementation, evaluation, and study of information systems, especially in the implementation of IT enterprise, digital business, software development, and IT start-up. The IS Department creates cutting-edge curriculum designs that keep up with technological and scientific advances in the field of information systems. Furthermore, the IS Department aims to train skilled human resources in the design, implementation, evaluation, and implementation of effective and efficient information systems.

IS study

Advantages of JIU Information System Major

Innonative Curriculum

  • Demonstrate interpersonal skill in business setting.
  • Provide latest skills and knowlege on digital business marketing.
  • Focus on IT solution to improve business performance and competitiveness.
  • Provide courses to foster IT start-up, strengthen program development. capabilities, and reflect the latest IT trends.

Career Path

  • Graduates will be able to choose from a diverse selection of international careers, such as: system engineer, business analyst, digital marketer, web developer, IT start-up founder. Students will also be encouraged to pursue advanced degrees (M.A/Ph.D.) abroad in order to become leaders in their fields.