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The Future of Indonesia and Korea

The event centered around a Special Lecture discussing the enduring 50-year partnership between Indonesia and Korea. Dr. Nam Sik Lee, the keynote speaker, shed light on Korea’s economic journey and its transformation into a leading industrial nation. The talk touched on the influence of Christianity and the pivotal role of education and healthcare in shaping Korea’s development.

JEIU, the educational institution, was prominently featured, with Dr. Nam Sik Lee outlining its commitment to a better life through better education. He detailed JEIU’s focus on economics, artificial intelligence, and other programs.

As Dr. Nam Sik Lee wrapped up the Special Lecture, his words carried a powerful message: “Let’s make a better world with the love of God; it’s our mission for the future. Let’s be more brave and go out to change the world.”

JIU and JEIU united in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), solidifying their commitment to collaborative efforts that would contribute to the shared vision of a brighter and more positive future.